The Aquapedia is located on the top right corner of your sanctuary.


The Aquapedia is where the game stores all information you have found, and all progress you have made. Below the Aquapedia, it shows the capacity of fish your sancuary can hold and the amount of fish that are currently swimming in the reef.

There are three tabs in your Aquapedia.

The first tab is where your sets are located. From there you can create your fish. To create your fish you need to simply click on the fish you want to create, then you will be taken to its Aquapedia page, then click on the "Create!" button, and the egg for fish will be created. *Note: be sure you have the egg ingredients and the correct amount of the ingredients that are needed to create the fish!

The second tab of your Aquapedia is where your decoration collections are located. To discover all the decorations in a collection, you will need to gather 1 Icon§Ticket Gold, 1 Icon§Ticket Gold, or 1 Icon§Event Ticket and use them on the Hermit Crab to get a chance for it to dig out a new decoration. During events you have to level up through the event levels to earn rare decorations with Special Abilities.

The third tab of your Aquapedia shows your progress with achieveing the event rewards of an event on the first page and the second page has the following:

  • The amount of event fish you have released
  • The amount of event fish released by you and your friends
  • The amount of event fish released by the entire community.
  • And a leaderboard with all your friends listed showing who has the most event fish released.
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