Clams existed in the beta during the early testing phase of the game and worked much like the Floating Petal in Flutter. Once every day it floats around, you hit it with your fish to get CC and SC.
It was removed prior to launch of the game.

Three months later 1st on July 2015 the Clams was reintroduced in to the game with update 1.21 with a number of features and improvments. Clams now have different rarites. Normal red clam, Gold clam, rare clam and special clam. And there are now two rewards to choose from catching the clam. One base reward which is always the same for that type of clam and the other is a mystery reward.

The Red clam is the most common, followed by Gold clam, followed by Rare clam, and last is the Special clam.


The reward for catching the Clams is to choose between a coins stash (sometimes also Splashcash) OR a Mystery Item, which can contain anything from SC, a huge amount of CC, rare fish ingredients to a small amount of CC and common fish ingredients.

Clams' Speeches


  • Zzzzzz…
  • Bump me with a fish if you want a shot at the title.
  • Just leave me alone, Champ. You don’t want a part of this.
  • C’mon Bud, see if you can keep up.
  • I bet your fish aren’t fast enough to catch me!


  • Ha Ha! There is no way you can catch me.
  • Bring it on!
  • Just give it up.
  • Okay, you’re not too bad.
  • Gah!
  • I am way too fast for you.
  • Okay, time to step it up a notch.
  • Not again!
  • You’ll never get my treasure.
  • Okay Bud, you think you catch me? Ha!
  • Hmmm...
  • That’s enough.
  • Okay, Boss. You are pretty good, but not good enough.
  • Enough!
  • Lucky shot.


  • You don’t want my Secret Stash do you Champ? How about some money instead?
  • Ya got me. Can I interest you in some fine currency instead of my Secret Stash?
  • Buddy, that was pretty good. I think you should take the money instead of my Stash.
  • C’mon bud, take the money.

Work in progress
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