As soon as the tutorial is finished and when level ??? is reached, you can participate in Events.

Events can last for a weekend or up to two weeks. There will also be a timer for the length of the event duration in the top left corner of the screen.

Every now and then, there's a event ongoing in your reef. You'll get a notification, when you open your game. It can be a Fish Event or an Event not related with a fish set. Between two fish events, alongside the Facebook Competitions there can be Sale Events, Gameplay Events or a mix of both types, which will last for about one weekend each. Some of the events are dedicated to special times and dates of the year.

Fish Events

The bigger Fish Events bring new species and Event Exclusive Rewards to your reef and there is currently one type of event:

40px Events

In Sale Events you'll get some discount on stuff from the Shop. If an event like this is going on, you'll have the possibility to go to the Shop from the ingame event notification directly by tapping 120px.

Gameplay Events


  • Dates are given in UTC.