Turtle Missions

Mission Description Reward Before Finished
My First Mission Feed your fish 5 times. 8Ingredient§Dwarf Angelfish Stone 25Icon§Coin Ready? Well fed fish will grow big enough to be released out into the main Reef. You did it! Here are some Stones so that we can create more baby Angelfish.
Herald of the Reef* Establish the Herald's Angelfish out in the Reef by releasing 5. 40Icon§Coin 1Ingredient§Scallop Shell 1Ingredient§Dwarf Angelfish Stone We can actually establish colonies of fish out there in the Reef! We just have to release enough of each species. We've just established out first Angelfish colony. That's so awesome!
Forging Friendships Create and hatch the second Angelfish species egg. 5Ingredient§Dwarf Angelfish Stone 100Icon§Coin We can create some new Angelfish! They're the cleaning crew of the reef. They gobble up nasty algae. Hi little guy! The Reef's feeling pretty choked up by algae so it's sure going to be happy to see you.
Cloud Nine* Fill your Sanctuary with 9 species. 100Icon§Coin Think of our sanctuary as a test run for life in the wild! Giving everyone practice at working and living together. You really are a natural at this! Here are some coins to keep everyone fed and happy.
Hungry Helpers Collect 150 coins from your decorations. 50Icon§Coin 4Food§Seahorse Decorations are amazing, the way they recycle our waste back into nutrients. Our sanctuary would struggle without them. We're rich! Plenty of coins to help our fish grow up big and strong.
A Fishy Surprise[1] Bump a Seahorse by dragging an Angelfish. 100Icon§Coin 3Food§Seahorse Seahorses can be a bit shy so let's get an Angelfish to say 'hello'. Whoops!

Each species of fish has it's own, distinct personality. As you can see, seahorses are a pretty nervous bunch!

Rejuvenating the Reef Release 5 Angelfish. 50Icon§Coin 5Icon§Experience I've heard from the Angelfish colony that the algae is growing faster than they can eat it. They need backup! Reinforcements have arrived! I think I just heard the Reef give a big sigh of relief. He he... Reef Relief.
Unstoppable* Reach Level 4 and use the key to expand your Sanctuary. 70Icon§Coin 6Ingredient§Seahorse Stone It's starting to feel a bit squiishy here. Let's show the Reef that we deserve more space! That's more like it. Plenty of room to stretch one's flippers now!
Full House* Fill your sanctuary with 12 fish. 1Icon§Ticket Normal 10Icon§Experience It's good to show the Reef that we're making the most of space it provides. Let's fill this place with fish! Wow, this sanctuary is bustling! I think the Reef will be VERY impressed.
A Little Lost Create 3 Zebra Seahorses. 4Food§Seahorse The Reef needs sunlight and that means clear water. We need seahorses to eat up any rogue clouds of zooplankton. Yay! These little cuties are going to be a ray of sunshine to our Reef.
An Empty Canvas* Get two decorations from the Crab. 75Icon§Coin 4Food§Seahorse Anemone Crabs are crafty salvagers and traders. I bet that crab will happily swap tickets for Decorations. Ah ha! That was 'just the ticket', he he.
Into the Unknown* Establish the Barred Angelfish. 10Icon§Experience 1Ingredient§Spiral Shell The Reef had a plethora of Angelfish before the storm. Reds and yellows. Even purples! Hope we can bring them all back. Thanks to us there's a new colony of Barred Angelfish out there. I'm so proud to be working with you!
Break in the Clouds[2] * Release 5 Zebra Seahorses. 3Food§Seahorse A thick fog of zooplankton is blocking the sun out on the Northern Reef. We need some seahorses out there, fast! Great! Those little adventurers will have that zooplankton soup slurped up in no time. Bon appetite, guys!
Distress Call Hatch two of the second seahorses. 100Icon§Coin 4Food§Seahorse I've just heard from our Northern Reef seahorses. They're drowning in zooplankton! We need to get them some help! Giraffe Seahorses!? Could they be the cutest little zooplankton munchers ever?
Strengthen the Herd Feed the Seahorses 20 times. 100Icon§Experience The faster we feed our seahorses, the sooner they can get out there to help the Reef. This is just the entree, little chums. The main course is 'Soup of Zooplankton' and will be served out in the Reef.
Fast Learner Gain 220 XP. 1Icon§Splashcash We have three ways that we can earn XP. Feeding fish, releasing fish and completing missions. Let's get busy! Our XP reflects how much we know about the Sanctuary business. And the best way to learn is to do!
Flatworm Infestation Discover a Butterflyfish. 2Ingredient§Butterflyfish Stone 3Food§Butterflyfish Oh yucky! The Western Reef is slithering with flatworms. We need to call Pest Control, and I have just the guys in mind. Butterflyfish love to pluck parasites off the coral polyps. Look out marauders. Your days are numbered!
Welcoming Party Chase Butterflyfish with a school of 5 Angelfish. 2Ingredient§Butterflyfish Stone 2Food§Butterflyfish Let's give our new Butterflyfish a traditional Sanctuary welcome. The Angelfish are good at that! He he! Looks like those Angelfish made a good job of 'buttering up' our new chum.
Last Laugh Chase Angelfish with a pair of Butterflyfish. 3Food§Butterflyfish Let's buddy up a pair of Butterflyfish and give our Angelfish a little surprise. Looks like the last laugh's on the Angelfish then!
Hungry Mouths Feed the Butterflyfish 40 times. 1Ingredient§Gemstone 3Ingredient§Butterflyfish Stone 1Ingredient§Spiral Shell Our Butterflyfish are going to take quite a bit of feeding before they get big enough to take on those flatworm. Eat up, little buddies. You're going to need your strenght out there!
Wild West Unlock the second Butterflyfish species.[3] 100Icon§Experience Word from out West suggests we'll need quite the posse of Butterflyfish to take on those flatworm banditos! Wow, those marauding meanies aren't going to know what hit them!
Coming or Going Feed the Foureye Butterflyfish 50 times. 100Icon§Experience Gosh, talk about having eyes in the back of your head! I bet the Foureyes make great 'school' teachers. Once they're fully grown, our Foureyes will certainly teach those flatworms a lesson!
Tax Collector Use a Butterflyfish to collect 4,000 coins. 150Icon§Experience The Butterflyfish have offered to help collect our coins. They like the exercise, apparently. Wow, the Butterflyfish aren't just good at Pest Control. They make pretty nifty Tax Collectors too!
Parasite Problems Create 4 Schooling Bannerfish eggs. 500Icon§Coin The sea has some nasty hazards. Ectoparasites, for one! We need fish who know how to handle them. Ectoparasites are fixated with our fish. But these little doctors know how to pluck them off!
First Aid Release 5 Schooling Bannerfish. 150Icon§Experience Oh no! One of the Angelfish colonies has a case of 'Fin Itch'. Let's get some doctors out there to help. Yay! Our oceanic paramedics will soon have those itchy parasites cleaned up!
Nature's Hairdressers* Have 2 Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish. 100Icon§Experience It's looking a bit 'hairy' out on the Eastern Reef. We need some fish who know how to trim coral polyps. Great! Once grown, these guys will be able to give the Eastern Reef a well-deserved makeover.
Masquerade Ball Feed fish with masks and eye spots 60 times. 200Icon§Experience I have a great idea! A Masquerade Ball! Let's put on a banquet for anyone with a mask or eye spots. If we keep throwing parties like this, we'll be the most 'eye-catching' Sanctuary in the Reef!
Surviving to Thriving* Get the Seahorse Set to 'Thriving'. 1Ingredient§Rare Gemstone Our seahorse colonies are doing well out there. Now let's see if we can get them to thrive like before the storm hit. That seahorse colony is even bigger and busier than before the storm! They're super happy with us!
Rainbow Reef* Have 10 different species in your Sanctuary. 200Icon§Experience Before the storm, this Reef was a rainbow of fish species. Hey, feel like making a rainbow right now? Wow, look at all these beautiful, colorful fish we've created. I'm so happy I could cry!
New Experiences Gain 3,000XP. 5Icon§Splashcash 'Cleverness is born of busyness.' It's an old turtle saying. Pretty apt for us right now. I'm not one to blow my own conch shell but... we're getting really good at this Sanctuary business!
United We Stand Make a school of 10 Dwarf Angelfish. 200Icon§Experience Out in the Reef, the little guys have to learn to stick together. Let's give the Dwarf Angelfish a bit of practice at it. Together these cute, little guys look like one big and seriously mean fish!
Flatworm Fracas Release 40 Butterflyfish. 2000Icon§Coin Those West Reef flatworms are a slippery bunch. Let's send out more Butterflyfish to help round them up. I've received word from the Western Reef that those nefarious flatworms are finished. We did it!
Mixing It Up Discover the next set.[4] 10Food§Jellyfish While it's brilliant to see so many fins and tails swishing about the place, I think it's time we mixed things up a bit. Jellyfish? I'm sorry, but could this Sanctuary get any cooler?!
Reef Sweepers Create a school of 5 Jellyfish. 250Icon§Experience Jellyfish are great at sweeping up zooplankton with their tentacles. Let's give our little chums a practise run. Wow! Nothing's going to get past that broom of doom!
Masked Avengers Release 2 Raccoon Butterflyfish. 1500Icon§Coin The sponges of East Reef are getting chewed up by sea slugs! Masked heroes to the rescue! Wow, who were those courageous, costumed, Chaetodon?
Born to Clean* Have 2 different species of Jellyfish. 200Icon§Experience I've heard that the Southern Reef's getting murky with zooplankton. Best we have some more jellyfish at the ready. Look at these shiny little guys! It's pretty hard not to 'moon [sic!] over them, right?
Bustling Fishopolis* Have a population of 30 fish. 1Ingredient§Gemstone We've got plenty of room right now. Let's fill this place with fish! How about this for a bustling Fishopolis?!
Prehensile* Have 3 different species of Seahorse. 1Ingredient§Gemstone The zooplankton cloud is growing quickly over South Reef. Let's get our different seahorses together to make a plan. Sometimes you just have to tackle a problem from multiple angles. Good luck with the planning, little chums!
Bounty of the Sea Collect 25,000 coins from your decorations. 1Ingredient§Pointy Shell 75Icon§Experience So that our fish stay fed and happy, we need to make sure we have plenty of coins on flipper. Great work! And we couldn't have built such an awesome Sanctuary without those decorations.
Jelly Power* Discover the 3rd Jellyfish species. 1Icon§Splashcash The South Reef is so murky! Our seahorses and jellyfish are going to need some more help to clear it away! Bluefire Jellyfish?! They're just the kind of fierce sweepers we need to bring the light back to the Southern Reef!
Slime Busters Release 40 Angelfish. 1Ingredient§Pointy Shell 1,000Icon§Coin The flatworms are gone from West Reef but now the algae's settling in. We need to get some Angelfish out there, and fast! Yay! Operation 'Slime Busters' is underway!
Uncommon Sense* Have 30 uncommon fish. 1Icon§Ticket Normal 50Icon§Experience Some species take more effort to create and bring to maturity than others. But it's totally worth it! That's something I've learned about the Sanctuary business. The more you put in, the more you get out.
Jelly Surprise Surprise a school of 5 Moon Jellies.[5] 100Icon§Experience Moon Jellies like to just... hang out. But out in the Reef they'll need to be ready for anything. Let's give them a wake-up call. He he. I'm glad they saw the 'bright' side of that little jump scare.
Big Jelly Feed Jellyfish 100 times. 2,000Icon§Coin We're going to need more mature jellyfish for the South Reef clean up. Guess it's feeding time! Nicely done! The more big, strong jellyfish we have, the less problems we'll get from those zooplanktons.
Exotic Encounters Release 12 rare fish. 1Ingredient§Epic Gemstone Some fish really stand out from the crowd. You don't meet them often, but when you do... wow! We've just made the Reef an even more miraculous place. Now would be a good time to feel proud of ourselves!
Sneaky Snails* Unlock the Boxfish Set. 3Ingredient§Boxfish Stone 1Icon§Ticket Normal Just got word from North Reef that mollusks are munching on the coral. But I've just the fish in mind to sort them out! Boxfish love to snack on snails. Let's get some out to the Northern Reef as soon as possible!
Snail Squad Create a school of 5 Boxfish. 1,000Icon§Coin 300Icon§Experience Those snails are sure chomping through North Reef. Let’s form a special Boxfish Snail Squad to take them on! Now that’S one mean team. Look out snails. The Snail Squad is coming to get you!
Box of Cousins* Discover 2nd Boxfish Species. 1Icon§Ticket Normal 500Icon§Coin Our Boxfish miss having their cousins around. Let’s see if we can 'unbox' some relatives for them. I must say, it’s so great to see the 'family' atmosphere of the Reef being restored.
Sunny Days Release 30 Jellyfish. 1Ingredient§Complex Shell South Reef is awfully cloudy with zooplankton right now. It’s time we got some jellyfish out there to brighten its day. Those jellyfish are already sweeping the water clean out there. South Reef will be basking in sun in no time!
Keen Gardeners* Establish the Yellow Boxfish. 2,500Icon§Coin Out East, the sponges are getting big and are sucking up all the nutrients. We need to get some keen gardeners out there! Those Yellow Boxfish are awesome gardeners. Their colony will keep those eastern sponges pruned and pretty.
Snail Squad Outpost* Thrive the Longhorn Cowfish. 1Icon§Ticket Normal 200Icon§Experience The Boxfish Snail Squad could do with a thriving outpost to help them keep those slimers in check. Wow, with all those Longhorns out there, the North Reef will be safe from hungry snails for years to come.
Pioneers Feed Thornback Cowfish 30 times. 1Ingredient§Deluxe Spiral Shell 1Ingredient§Deluxe Pointy Shell Thornbacks are great at clearing algae from rocks so the Reef can expand. Let’s get some ready for pioneering. With all that armor, Thornbacks make for hardy pioneers. Let’s get them out to the Seaward Frontier as soon as we can!
New Frontier Have one of each Boxfish. 2Icon§Ticket Normal The Boxfish are excited about the Seaward Frontier and want to hold a strategy meeting here for all the cousins. The storm totally devastated the Boxfish clan. It brings a tear to my eye to see them all working together again.
Cashed Up Collect 50,000 coins. 1,000Icon§Experience Our decorations are really producing now! It wouldn’t hurt to put aside some coins for a stormy day. Do you know what my favorite type of ocean current is? A 'cash' flow!
Seaward Settlers Release 50 Boxfish. 10,000Icon§Coin The Boxfish clan has decided to colonize the Seaward Frontier! And that means they want more settlers! Clan McBoxfish really knows how to band together to make something happen! Look out, Reef!

Crab Missions

This could be a great Sanctuary one day, but we'll need both guts and grit to make it happen. Take it from one who's had to claw their way to the top.

Mission Description Reward Before Finished
Working Together Make a school of 4 Barred Angelfish. 100Icon§Coin 3Icon§Experience For instance, the Barred Angelfish will need to work together to clear the Reef of algae. Let's give them a bit of training! Not bad. Maybe we should start a synchronized swimming competition. We could even sell tickets!
Space to Grow Have 6 decoration slots unlocked. 250Icon§Coin More decorations means more coinage for the Sanctuary. Let's clear some space so we can have more of them! Not too shabby at all. We might make a decent Sanctuary put of this place yet!
Paint the Town! Create a school of 5 Flame Angelfish. 20Icon§Experience The Flame Angelfish are a lost cause if they can't work together out there in the Reef. Let's hope they can team up. That's actually quite impressive. Maybe they're even as bright as they look.
Embers of Change Establish the Flame Angelfish. 1Ingredient§Gemstone Algae will suffocate the Reef if given the chance. But a few colonies of hungry Angelfish will put a stop to it! There hasn't been a Flame Angelfish colony out there since the storm. A pretty good start, really.
Tiny Titans* Have on of each Dwarf Angelfish. 1Ingredient§Uncommon Gemstone They're little, but Dwarf Angelfish have a lot to offer. Let's bring some together for a chat about helping the Reef... My my. For little fish, these guys have a lot to say! Can we release them soon, in the name of peace and quiet?
Spotty Scouts Release 3 Giraffe Seahorses. 100Icon§Experience It's best for the Reef it we catch zooplankton clouds early. Let's send some Giraffe Seahorses to sniff them out. Three Amigos, riding out into the badlands, going wherever the currents of trouble might call them. (Sigh)
The Greater Good Sacrifice a decoration to improve your uncommon decoration.[6] 1Icon§Ticket Normal You know... decorations you don't want can be fed to other decorations. It makes them stronger. What?! Don't look at me like that. This is Nature. Things eat other things all the time around here.
Hatching a Plot Create 3 Tiger Tail Seahorse Eggs. 3Food§Butterflyfish I've heard from our scouts and there's zooplankton trouble brewing. We'll be needing some hungry seahorses soon. Tiger Tail Seahorses! Just the eager hunters we need out there, prowling the polyps for pesky plankton.
Match Maker* Have three pairs of Copperband Butterflyfish. 500Icon§Coin Unlike rugged, independent types like me, Butterflyfish do better when they have a buddy around. Well, I guess there's no harm in looking out for each other in these troubled times.
Cooking with Gas* Fully upgrade an uncommon Decoration. 1Icon§Ticket Normal Try feeding one of your decorations until it reaches full maturity. Trust me, it'll pay dividends. You'll get a good crop of coins out of that fine specimen now. Guaranteed!
Second Bar None* Thrive the Barred Angelfish. 50Icon§Experience 1Ingredient§Spiral Shell A fish colony should only count it's blessings once it's grown from established to thriving. Thanks to us, we'll be seeing Barred Angelfish out in the Reef for a long time to come.
Galloping Giraffes* Thrive the Giraffe Seahorse. 150Icon§Experience 1Icon§Splashcash Our South Reef seahorses have bitten off more than they can chew with all that zooplankton! No seahorse should try to gallop before it's learned how to trot. That's an old crab proverb.
Curious Cherubs* Thrive the Cherubfish. 200Icon§Experience We need to keep a closer eye on the Reef, and Cherubfish are the best little spies I've ever encountered. Nicely done. With all those nosy little Cherubfish out there, we'll be the best informed Sanctuary around!
Reef Angels* Get the Angelfish Set to 'Thriving'. 1,500Icon§Coin It's one thing to have a thriving colony. Quite another to have an entire SET of thriving colonies! With this many angels around, you could be mistaken for thinking that we're in heaven!
Work and Play Make a school of 10 Seahorses. 200Icon§Experience The Reef isn't the place for 'horsing' about. Let's teach these young seahorses the meaning of discipline. That's more like it. These seahorses need to know when to play and when to put the work in!
Expensive Tastes* Have 10 decorations placed in the reef. 1Icon§Ticket Normal We'll never feed all of our fish if we don't keep the cash flowing! That's better. A wealthy Sanctuary is a successful Sanctuary.
Night Watch* Unlock the 5th butterflyfish. 150Icon§Experience It's creepy to think that flatworms might slither up on us in the dark. Let's find some fish who like working nightshift. Yes, I think these Butterflyfish might be just the late-night party animals we're looking for.
The Unexpected Break up a school of 5 Angelfish with a pair of Raccoon. 1Ingredient§Rare Gemstone Out in the Reef, the Angelfish are getting complacent. Let's teach the newbies to expect the unexpected. Hah! That'll keep them on their fin-tips!
Rugged Pioneers* Discover 6th butterflyfish. 250Icon§Experience We need some rugged, pioneering fish to explore the Reef Crest. Fish that know how to look after themselves. These fish are left to their own devices from birth. We couldn't ask for more rugged individuals!
Playing Nice Make a school of 2 Eritrean Butterflyfish. 1,750Icon§Coin 3Ingredient§Jellyfish Stone Eritrean parents don’t stick around to teach their kids any manners. Let’s teach a pair of them to get along. Well, how about that. Eritrean Butterflyfish really can learn to play nice together.
Sponge Patrol* 'Thrive' the Raccoon Butterflyfish 1Ingredient§Pointy Shell 3Ingredient§Jellyfish Stone These Masked Avengers are great at stopping sea slugs from chomping the sponges. Let’s reinforce their ranks! Thanks to us, the sponges in this Reef have all the protection they need from those supping slugs-for-brains.
Wall of Jelly Create 30 Jellyfish. 2,000Icon§Coin There’s nothing like a wall of jellyfish to keep out roaming predators. Let’s make one! Not too shabby. Let’s get them fed up and deployed for Operation 'Wall of Jelly'!
Exotic Ambience Feed Rare fish 50 times. 1Ingredient§Complex Shell If we want this Sanctuary to stand out, we need an 'exotic ambience'. That means lots of rare fish! If we keep this up, our beautiful Sanctuary will be the talk of the Reef!
Black Fins* Discover the 4th Jellyfish. 2Ingredient§Pointy Shell Uh oh. Word on the Reef is that the Blackfin Barracuda gang are headed this way. Let’s bolster our Wall of Jelly! Ha ha! With our mighty Wall of Jelly, no barracuda would dare invade our Reef.
Taming the Wilderness Create 3 'Bluecheek Butterflyfish'. 1Icon§Ticket Gold The Boxfish tell me the frontier coral is growing fast and starting to look a little 'wild’. They need some coral groomers. Yes, those Bluecheeks should be just right for the Seaward Reef. They’ve a good eye for frontier fashion.
The Jelly Test Have one of each Jellyfish in the reef. 250Icon§Experience With the Blackfin gang lurking around, we need to be sure of our defences. Let’s examine one of each jellyfish species. Fine specimens. All of them. Hah! Let’s set up a nice, little 'sting' for those barracuda bandits.
Booming Economy* Have 13 decorations place in the reef. 1Icon§Ticket Normal 250Icon§Experience 2Ingredient§Pointy Shell By my calculations, if we have thirteen decorations, then we can officially call ourselves a 'booming economy'. Our decorations have just voted me in as the Sanctuary’s 'Minister of Finance'. I accept!
Necessary Sacrifice Fully upgrade a rare decoration. 1Ingredient§Epic Gemstone If we want our Sanctuary’s economy to keep on booming, we need to get the most out of our best decorations. Trust me. The feeding of some decorations to others is a harsh but necessary sacrifice.
Nefarious Flatworms* Have on of each Butterflyfish in the reef. 5Icon§Splashcash Out West, the Flatworms are plotting a comeback. I reckon a Butterflyfish council could out-plot those plotters. Considering the relative brain size of Butterflyfish versus Flatworms, I think we’ll be fine.
Reinforced Jelly Release 5 Lipped Moon Jellyfish. 1Ingredient§Deluxe Spiral Shell 100Icon§Experience The Blackfin gang have been spotted on North Reef. Let’s get some jellyfish reinforcement out there! Hah! Let’s see those barracuda get past our Reinforced Wall of Jelly!
The Right Spot Thrive the White-spotted Jellyfish. 1Ingredient§Epic Jewel The White-spots are in their element in our Wall of Jelly. And you can’t have too much of a good thing, right? Come one, come all, and see the Great Wall of Jelly!
Lagoon Lovers* Establish the Roundbelly Cowfish. 3,000Icon§Coin The ever-industrious Boxfish clan are eager to expand into the lagoon. What do you think? Just between you and me, those Cowfish are the toughest, meanest-looking pioneers I’ve ever seen!
Cosmopolitan* Have 23 different species in your Sanctuary. 5,000Icon§Coin 1,000Icon§Experience 2Icon§Ticket Gold The most cosmopolitan Sanctuary on the whole Reef! Now that would be something to blow our own conches about. While I’m not a complete sap like that Turtle, I could almost cry right now… if I had any tear ducts.“


  • Missions marked with an Asterix are registering already done parts or – of it's a 'have'-Mission – currently in the Reef.
  • With Game Update 3.12 both mission story lines got extended.
  1. Requires Level 3 and hatching the first Zebra Seahorse
  2. Turtle Missions start here, if you finished the Tutorial before the introduction of Missions by Update
  3. Requires the establishing of the Copperband Butterflyfish
  4. That means the Jellyfish Set
  5. This mission requires at least six Lipped Moon Jellyfish to be able to be completed by dragging another fish into the their school
  6. Requires two decorations to be sacrificed instead of one.
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