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Weedy Seadragon
Guineafowl Pufferfish
Ingredients: 2 Pufferfish Stones Page OnePage Two
Starry Pufferfish§Aquapedia

Classification: Arothron stellatus
Set: Pufferfish
Size: 120 cm
Region: Indo-Pacific

Incubation and feeding time: 2 hours
Food: 5 x N/A

Experience: Icon§Experience 25 per feeding, Icon§Experience 101 on release and additional Icon§Experience 20 if thrived
Species Establish with 10 released fish. Reward: 1 Icon§Ticket Normal
Species Thrived with 40 released fish. Reward: 2 Icon§Ticket Normal

Description: The largest Pufferfish in the world, Starry Puffers prefer its fins to fast tail-flicks, hovering over the reef with the slow maneuvers of an underwater blimp, and protected by the second most potent toxin in the world, Tetrodotoxin.