The possibility to watch videos to get free Splashcash moved into your Ocean: The Video Snail moved in!

You are able to watch five videos per day. Each video gives you the possibility to earn Splashcash or other worthy ingredients. As soon as the video has finished you are able to CLAIM! the reward, which is gambled between 1–5 Splashcash and one or two random ingredients.

Possible Rewards

  • 1–5 Splashcash
  • Fish Stones
    • Jellyfish Stone
    • Pygmy Angelfish Stone
    • Dwarf Angelfish Stone
    • Boxfish Stone
    • Seahorse Stone
    • Butterflyfish Stone
  • Other Ingrendients
    • Gemstone
    • Uncommon Gemstone
    • Rare Gemstone
    • Jewel
    • Rare Jewel
    • Scallop Shell
    • Deluxe Scallop Shell
    • Pointy Shell
    • Deluxe Pointy Shell
    • Spiral Shell
    • Deluxe Spiral Shell

Video Snail Speeches

Before Watching

  • Hi there! Someone dumped all these videos in the ocean for some reason… wanna watch one with me? I’ll give you a price!
  • Let’s watch another video!
  • Would you like to watch another video?

After Watching

  • Wow! I would totally play that game if I knew what a game was!
  • Well that was… interesting! Here’s your prize!

After Claiming Reward

  • Ingrendients
    • Wooo!
    • This has been in my family for generations!
  • Splashcash
    • Money money money!
    • Dont spend it all at once!

After Watching the Daily Five Videos

  • That was fun! I’ll see you later!
  • That’s enough videos for now I think, come back later for more!
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